We all deserve a vacation every now and then.

A little time out of your busy schedule to spend time with the people that really matter.

Some of us like to go to a place where they can chill and relax whilst others choose an adventure vacation.

When we come home we feel new, fresh and well rested.

That’s when your email box starts over flowing. Your travel company needs you to review your vacation.

You get several emails and most of the time we just cave in and put our review down.

The mayhem in your email box finally stops and your travel company sends you a big thank you.

Do you know what your travel company gets out of this? Why they want you to write this review so badly?


  • Brand awareness
  • Better found on google
  • Fill up their website
  • Better found on Social media
We could establish they will simply do more business thanks to you!

At Go Travel XL we are thankful for your business without writing anything on our website but if you do we like to properly reward you.

Writing a review, sharing our page on your social media, booking a vacation we reward you with points.

No not the kind of points that gives you the honor of being our best review writer!

The kind of points that you can actually trade in for cash, ok we will not send you a bag of money, but we don’t make you use them only on our website either.

You can cash them in for products in our shop, book one of our special resorts or just simply cash them in for gift cards from your favourite store.

Even if you can’t find the store you are looking for just drop us a message and we will get it for you.

Why? Because you are worth it!


Sign up now and start rewarding yourself:

Go to the home page and click on the button next to add listing

This window will appear:

Fill in your details or sign up with facebook and you are good to go 🙂


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